Florence Helps Nursing Home Managers Maintain Continuity of Care

This Is How Florence Helps Nursing Home Managers Maintain Continuity of Care.

The brand new Nurse Invites feature allows nursing home managers to encourage their favourite nurses to work a shift. By having the same nurse work shifts within a care home, the residents benefit from continuity of care.

Why we created this feature

Florence helps nursing home managers tackle their temporary staffing problems by giving them access to a web platform that allows them to post their vacant shifts.

Nurses are notified when work is available in their area and they can register their interest by applying for the shift. Managers can choose from a list of pre-vetted applicants based on their experience, training and feedback.

So what's the problem?

Nursing home managers were getting nurses applying for the shifts, but they weren't approving the applications in a timely fashion.If you leave a nurse, that has applied for a shift longer than 24 hours unapproved, it is likely that the nurse will find work elsewhere. So we spoke with the nursing home managers and asked them why they were not approving shifts quickly. Their response was both surprising - and not surprising at the same time.

What the managers told us

The care home managers told us that they wanted to select nurses that had worked at their home before, to ensure that their residents received continuity of care. Nothing surprising about that. What shocked us was that care home providers who are familiar with using agencies to recruit RGNs, and don't get the opportunity to select their workers, were suddenly very keen on this feature. The ability to select a preferred nurse is clearly a big driver for care home managers that use the Florence platform.

The results?

In less than a week since we launched the feature, more than 1 in 4 shifts have been filled by direct invites! By introducing this feature, we have been able to dramatically increase our shift fill rate while ensuring care home operators maintain continuity of care…the closest thing to having a full-time nurse.

What about the nurses?

The nurses love it - wouldn't you? Each time a home invites a nurse to a shift, it's validation of their skills and ability and demonstrates that they have done a good job working at that home.

Want to book temporary nurses through Florence?

Florence is an innovative people-centric business that listens to the needs of our clients. We take continuous improvement very seriously. So if you want to save up to 30% on your monthly staffing costs while ensuring appropriate levels of compliance and continuity of care, get in touch with us.