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Buy a Care Home App 

The one stop shop for buying and operating a Care Home

See care homes for sale throughout the UK and be the first to receive alerts to new care homes on the market.

What you’ll love about the Buyacarehome app:

Receive instant alerts when -

  • a new care home comes on the market.
  • a property has a price reduction
  • there are special offers from the Buyacarehome group companies
  • industry news is added

The majority of all the UK Specialist business transfer agents in the UK list their properties with Buyacarehome, covering care homes for sale from all over England Scotland and Wales.

Obtain Independent commercial mortgage advice to arrange business funding. Arrange a financial reference to let the agents know that your mortgage is ready.

As well as finding care homes for sale, Buyacarehome can also help you access care sector specialist companies to help you with all aspects to do with buying, selling and operating a Care Home.

Sector professionals that are part of the group include, Lawyers, Accountants, Financiers, Architects, Chartered Surveyors, Care Home Consultancy, Capital Allowance consultants, Business Insurance brokers and care home suppliers.

If you’re looking to buy a Care Home, download the Buyacarehome app, the UK's one stop shop for buying and operating a Care Home.

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