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Care homes are being viewed as an increasingly attractive investment opportunity and are attracting new investors to the sector as well as increased activity by corporate groups. Whether you are looking to enter the sector for the first time or expand your existing business, it is imperative that you are supported by an experienced firm of accountants and business advisers. 

Superior accountants:

Like many firms of qualified accountants of our size, we can of course provide all the business support services you need (see list of services – underneath). More importantly however we can also work with you to build your business, minimise tax liabilities, increase profitability and build the value of your investment. 

Superior care expertise:

Our specialist ‘care division’ comprises of accounting, taxation and corporate finance professionals, who are highly experienced in working with thriving nursing and care homes businesses whether they be owned by an individual home owner or a corporate group. Our current client base of care homes range from 18 to 82 bedrooms and are located nationwide 

Due to our extensive experience of the sector and network of business associates, we know what the industry norm is and what businesses similar to yours are doing. In short, we know what works and what doesn’t. This in-depth knowledge enables us to provide you with the help and advice you need to develop your business. 

Detailed below are a few examples of common areas which can often be overlooked or underexploited. It is not simply being aware that these opportunities exist, you need to be assured that you are being ably assisted by a specialist in the field who has done this work many times before and is able to maximise the gains.   

Capital allowance claims
VAT reclaims
Ownership/operation structure
Due diligence
Acquiring care homes
Tax planning strategies
Financial review
Management information systems
Considering a sale?
How to get lower wage costs

 Although we would of course prefer to take responsibility for all your annual compliance work (i.e. accounts and tax returns) if you prefer that your incumbent accountant maintains this role then we are more than happy to provide only our specialist services.

 If any of these issues are applicable to you or indeed if there is anything you would like to discuss please contact Tony Hornsby for a no obligation, free initial meeting. Phone: +44 (0)1246 274121

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