Supporting self-funding families and care homes across the UK 

Autumna is the most comprehensive and detailed online directory of care homes in the UK and the only directory with a focus on self-funding families.  

We recognise that supporting self-funding families requires not only an online directory, but also a 7 day a week advice line.

We are ranked on page 1 for care home searches on Google with over 2 million care seekers pa and over 2,500 advice line enquiries pm.  Over 90% of our enquiries are from self-funding families.

Transparency and fairness is central to everything we do.  Autumna operates a flat rate subscription fee of £58 + VAT pm per home – the same rate for all providers – and we never take referral fees.

We support our self-funding clients throughout their journey and also want to support providers with constant improvements and additions to the platform, enabling you to showcase what you do really well and differentiate yourself from your competitors.  All updates are included within the subscription fee.

Let our data entry team build your premium profile for free and start seeing the benefits for yourself. 

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“I am very happy with the service that Autumna provides us at Boutique Care Homes and we very much value the relationship we have built. We are selective with which referral directories we work with and put strong emphasis on partnering with those that share our passion for delivering an outstanding experience to care seekers. Autumna has proved time and again that they are at the forefront of this.”  

Carl Roberts, Associate Sales & Marketing Director, Boutique Care Homes

The Choice Dining Accreditation

Autumna has developed the first food differentiator for care providers, enabling them to showcase the type of food they offer and the dining experience they provide directly to the care seeker, in a simple and easy to understand way.

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Go Green Accreditation

Autumna has launched Go Green, a sustainability initiative that will give care providers the ability to showcase their sustainability and green projects to increasingly environmentally conscious care seekers.

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