Care Sector Geared for Growth - Author Julie Hopkins

The care sector, like other sectors, has faced enormous challenges in recent years which has left care providers assessing their options:

  • Seek retirement
  • Steady as she goes
  • Growth

Strategic planning concentration in recruiting valued care sector talent, raising funding, investing in technology, and starting the ESG green journey, remain key areas as the social care evolution continues.

Confidence in the care sector is returning to pre-pandemic levels, despite the wider challenges of recruitment and retention alongside funding, with the sector built around the need for a quality care provision which will only grow in the decades to come.

At Chandler&Co, the care home and supported living independent finance brokers, together with their partners from and, continue to evolve alongside the care sector market. 

The solutions are there to support a sustainable care sector well into the future, whether it is to help a care business prepare for succession and sale, offer professional business support, or work alongside the care provision as it enters its growth stage, organically or through acquisition, with expertise across the UK.

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