Do you provide exceptional food in your care home?

Do you provide exceptional food in your care home?

It might be time to apply for a Choice Dining badge so that potential residents and their families know about your care home.

Proper nutrition is one of the most important factors in maintaining good health as we age and that’s reflected in the demand from care seekers requesting information about care homes with good food.  

The quality and standard of food are unignorable factors to consider when comparing later-life living, and Debbie Harris, the founder of the UK’s largest directory of care services, recognised this and as a result, created the Choice Dining badge.

Now, care providers that create a positive experience for care home residents and relatives can evidence this by adding the Choice Dining badge to their Autumna profile. This makes it easier for potential residents to recognise the thoughtful and exceptional standards they deliver.

Contact Autumna to add the Choice Dining badge to your profile

Adding the Choice Dining badge to your care home profile lets care seekers and the CQC know that you take pride in the standard of food you deliver with a great focus on:

  • Cuisine

  • Care 

  • Environment

  • Hygiene

  • Individuality

  • Options

To claim your FREE Autumna profile or to upgrade your current profile to premium, contact Kelly at or call 01892 335 330.

Read more and watch a short video that explains how to claim your Autumna profile CLICK HERE.