Electronic Care Planning: Change doesn’t need to be feared.

Moving away from what we know and stepping into the unknown can be a daunting experience. For both businesses and individuals, change isn’t easy and is often something we fear given it isn’t something that comes naturally; but should it be or should we actually fear just standing still?  

This notion of change and not being fearful of it is something that the founder and CEO of Nourish, Nuno Almeida, touched upon at this year’s Care Show. Representing the ‘Care Software Providers Association’ (CASPA), Nuno addressed the issue of change in relation to the use of digital technology within the care sector.

Although more and more care services are adopting the use of digital technology, there is still an enigma that surrounds the evolution of it within the care sector. It’s hard to believe that in the UK, over 75% of care providers still use a pen and paper for planning and record keeping, rather than using electronic care planning systems. Whilst the care sector has evolved over the years, changes have been slow. There are still a lot of fears associated with digitalisation and its perceived risks. Key concerns revolve around:

  • The scope of risk involved
  • Data loss and data breach
  • Device security
  • Carers ability to use new technology 

All valid and understandable reasons as to why care providers are cautious of changing to a digital way of working. However, as Nuno raised the point, could paper present a bigger risk?

Change can create fear, however should we fear the lack of change more? In the latest blog from Nuno Almeida he looks at this in relation to digital tech within care & highlights the guidance & benefits put forward by the Care Software providers Association for adopting digital.

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