In a care home market awash with opportunities, identifying the right ones is essential

Until relatively recently, the majority of care operators carried out limited, if any, local analysis prior to new development or care facility acquisition. Not only is appropriate due diligence essential for risk minimisation on any site/healthcare acquisition but it also provides significant credibility in the eyes of funding institutions.

The HPC Healthcare Property Consultants research department is extremely experienced in the analysis of locality data. Our reports are available providing detailed information in respect of:

·         Competing operators

·         Existing bed provision

·         Demographic data & growth forecasts

·         Demand analysis for general care and dementia care

·         Local fee data

·         Relevant planning activity

·         Commissioning strategies

·         Local rates of pay

The HPC Location Report is now recognised by developers, operators and investors as one of the industry's most valuable tools in assessing new or existing sites. We already provide multiple reports for many of the country's leading organisations.

Contact us today to find out why our Location Report should form an essential part of your business planning analysis.