Introducing IT Engine to Buyacarehome - IT Solutions for Care Homes

IT Engine have helped many care homes improve and modernise their IT, without costly and inconvenient rewiring, to meet the needs of the more technically minded residents arriving nowadays. Many being interested in using iPhones and iPads, even multimedia TV’s.

Care homes have also found it useful that IT Engine are happy to look after anything and everything technical, just one phone number for any issue. Whether you need help with day to day IT support, anti-virus protection, security, CCTV, broadband, Wi-Fi, website management or fast broadband lines they are happy to help. Also, if you would like help with just one of these areas, that's fine too, and you’ll have the comfort of knowing they could jump into action should you ever need help elsewhere


Network and Security Review (usually £750) Just £99

This will include a full and thorough review of your network and security, ensuring your security is where you think it is, or should be. It also includes checking your firewall, router, switches and devices. This service is a days work, half normally spent on-site with you, the other preparing any advice and tips in a succinct report.

As part of the service they will also check:

  • If there are any noticeable password security breaches.
  • That you’re not paying too much for licenses.
  • And, that you’re not paying for unnecessary licenses.

To book or request further information please call Craig Warren on 01403 887022 or email

Offer Terms:

Offer available to all Buyacarehome clients between now and 31st January 2021.

Can be booked in any time between now and the end of March 2021.

Approximately ½ day would be required on-site with admin access. This would naturally be subject to government guidelines of on-site access during coronavirus.

£99 to be paid 14 days following the submission of your Network & Security report.

100% satisfaction money back guarantee.