Social Care Must Stay Relevant in General Election

It is vital for the sector that issues are not drowned out by the noise of Brexit debate

With Theresa May having caught many by surprise in calling a snap general election, one of the biggest challenges facing social care will be in ensuring that the issues affecting the sector stay relevant in the run-up to 8th June.

Brexit negotiations are the primary driver behind the decision, and with an overwhelming focus on this subject, leaders in social care will have to work hard to ensure their voices are not lost in the EU clamour which will doubtless be instigated once again by the announcement

It is quite possible that the general election becomes a de facto second referendum on the EU, with those who felt disenfranchised by the outcome of the first seizing the opportunity once again to have their voices heard.

Given the depth of emotions surrounding the issue it seems possible, were that to happen, that other issues and policies will be side-lined in a one topic election. It could potentially be very damaging for social care to find its future under the next government has been undermined as a consequence of afterthought policies.

It lies with both care sector leaders and politicians to ensure that we do not allow the most vulnerable in our society to be overlooked at a time when more support than ever is required.

Ian Wilkie
April 2017