Whats the real impact of adopting an electronic care planning solution?

We know more with Nourish Care - Richmondwood Care Home 

Like any care home, Richmondwood used to have hundreds of paper records to complete, update and store. Care plans, risks assessments, daily notes, weight charts, fluid charts, nutrition charts; the list seemed endless.

Since using Nourish, care plans are reviewed more frequently, because all the information from the carers automatically feeds into the plans and reports can be generated instantly; changes in health or mood are therefore more easily tracked. The quality of the information recorded has improved significantly and as a result, so has the quality of care provided.

Since using the Nourish Care System, the team at Richmondwood have freed up an entire cupboard, which once stored paperwork, and filled it with games and puzzles for the residents. They’ve saved financially on shredding costs, and deciphering hand-written notes or spilling coffee on paper forms are no longer issues. More importantly, they have improved the quality of care they are able to provide and the residents and staff are happier for it.

They commented, “There has been a benefit at every level. Yes, it saves time, but it’s what we are able to do with that time that really matters. Physical care and human interaction can never be replaced and the idea of using technology is to give carers more time to actually care. Using Nourish Care’s system also provides us with peace of mind as we can access the information from anywhere, even when we are not in the home, and provide support to the team if we need to.”

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