Florence RGN Recruitment

Find nurses and carers to fill your temporary shifts.

Fill your staffing gaps without compromising quality by using Florence

Florence is the online marketplace for care homes to find nurses and carers to fill temporary shifts.  We offer transparency, accountability and simplicity for care home managers looking to ease the pressure of filling staffing gaps. 

Operating across England and Wales, we match care homes to the most relevant nurses based on location, required skills and reliability to choose from. 

As Florence is entirely online, you can access the platform remotely - accept nurses for shifts, sign off timesheets and post new shifts from your desk or on-the-go. Concerned about continuity? You can quickly grow a bank of your favourite workers based on your home’s needs using our ‘favourites’ feature - and directly invite them to fill your shifts. 

Take the pressure off and plan your staffing in advance. In half a million shifts worked between April 2017 and March 2019, shifts posted at least a week in advance had a 94% fill rate. 

Care homes rate all Florence nurses and carers after every shift. This means you can compare them based on their effectiveness and make an informed decision on who to bring into your team.

Fill your staffing gaps without compromising quality by using Florence. 

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